30 May 2009

It is that time in your life again where you had to spend a bomb to replace and service your car tyres. I always dread when this day come. My front tyres is like really bald and the rear ones is not looking good either. So this payday, I had no choice but to replace all my car's tyres. Thank God I live in with a sugar-mommy (i.e my wife). She helped a little with the bills.

I didn't have any recommended/favourite workshop in mind so I just go to this Piau Joon workshop in Desa Serdang. I heard that you can get really good price for tyres in Klang but the problem is there's probably a million workshops there in Klang and I don't know which one to go. I wanted to get some cheap Silverstone tyres at first but then they told me my car can ony wear a 15" Goodyear NCT 5 tyres. After much haggling the mechanic agreed to give me 12 ringgit off for each tyres.

For the record here's how much I spent for the tyres today:
- 4 x Goodyear Eagle 15" NCT5 tyres: RM632.00
- 4 x tyre valves: RM20.00
- Front wheel alignment: RM15.00
- Front wheel chamber adjustment: RM50.00
- 5% BN Government Tax: RM3.25
- Second time haggling discount -RM7.00
- Grand total: RM713.25

The mechanic said all my rims are crooked and bent everywhere and recommended that I change them for an arm and a leg to which I said no. Then he said I need to adjust my front wheel chamber which I did see a little bit out of place. But if the mechanic took me for a ride, I wouldn't have known. 713 ringgit is a lot to spend in one day. Suddenly the cheap tyres from Klang didn't sound so far away anymore.