13 July 2009

Today is yet another one of our scheduled appointment for Mia with the Seri Kembangan community clinic. We left home early to avoid traffic and the possible long queue at the clinic. We successfully escaped both when our time at the clinic was no longer than an hour.

After dropping off Mia at her nursery we headed north to Mutiara Damansara for our special date, just the two of us. The haze is crazy bad today but that didn't stop us from going there anyway.

First stop - The Curve. This place has changed a lot since I last went there. For example there's a new McDonald's outlet in the mall which is about to open it's doors very soon. Who cares if another McDonald's restaurant is only a few feet away? We all love McDonald's round here.

Linda has got something special to buy and no amount of haze is going to stop us today. It's supposed to be very hush-hush but let me give you a hint: it rhymes with Bing and King. I know-I know, it's a tough one.

Next stop - IKEA of course. Haven't been here in a while too. The decorations and show rooms changed a little but everything else is essentially the same. Did you know that they will charge for every plastic bag you take? 20 or 30 cent a piece I think. Bloody cheapskate. Don't you try to hide behind that save-the-earth campaign thingy. Your plastic bags is perfectly bio-degradable so there's no harm done. And for the first time you can see Malaysians voluntarily bringing their very own shopping bags to save money.

We stopped by the IKEA restaurant for lunch. Had this whole chicken leg with lemon & herb sauce which is fantastic as always. Wifey had the usual 10 pieces Swedish meatball with fries.

In case you didn't notice, we both wore all-reds today. This is me wearing red and also full and happy after lunch. Ahem, excuse my poyo face.

This is Linda also wearing red, playing with the equally amazing iPhone.

While waiting in line to buy lunch, some guy in front of me was sneezing like crazy. Everybody quickly stepped away in a safe distance from him including me. But then, I was not so fortunate to queue right behind him so there's not much space between me and him. Bloody stupid idiot. You just have to go out today, in public with your condition. Some people just don't care about others. Maybe it's the haze (I hope), but my nose is not feeling so good right about now. So I drank about 3 cups of coffee this afternoon, hoping that this itchy feeling my nose is having will go away. It worked for a while at least.

We didn't buy anything from IKEA but bought some groceries from Tesco instead. I think this should be my last post here in bloggerland for a while. Believe it or not but I need a break to *drum roll, please* study! No, I'm not kidding. Seriously, my class starts next week and I haven't read anything both online and offline. If my future posts come few and far in between, you'll know why. So, until then. Au revoir!