30 December 2010

Early this morning we went out and stoped by My Mydin to buy a school shoe for Adam. Believe it or not, we couldn't find a shoe his size in the whole of Tesco Puchong last week. Lucky for us My Mydin opens as early 7:00 AM. After dropping off Mia and a quick breakfast at Thoiba we went straight to SK Taman Universiti. Before today we had no idea where Adam will be going to school next year. You see we submitted the transfer application form to that school last week. Somehow the teachers or the clerk at the school took their own sweet time to submit the application to the district education office. By the time they sent the application last Monday, we found out the 200 students quota for the new school has already been filled.

Lucky for me my Mom happens to be a deputy headmistress (Penolong Kanan) in a school in Serdang. She pulled some strings and called her buddies (and former colleagues) at SK Desaminium to get Adam admitted there. I can't thank her enough for her favor. Still we didn't find out until this morning that Adam had already been accepted there at the new school. So this morning instead of sending Adam through an orientation, we only had to pick up his text books from SK Taman Universiti. The queue was at least a hundred meters long but we're just glad that Adam get to go to a school very near to our place. After Taman Universiti we head on straight to SK Desaminium to check out the school and confirm Adam's name there. Sure enough Adam had been accepted to the school and his real orientation starts tomorrow. I'm just happy that this is all sorted out finally.