25 November 2010

These are the boring days. I find my time stuck in traffic or waiting for something to be quite unbearable. I used to watch movies or TV series while stuck in traffic or read my RSS feed or surf the web while waiting for my wife shopping. Today I can't do any of that. I just sold my iPhone today.
It was not an easy decision really. I find my iPhone to be an inseparable item in my daily routine. Like I almost can't leave home without it. Then again I think it's time to move on because I'd like to have something better. No, not an iPhone 4, that's way too expensive but I'm saving to buy a magical and revolutionary device next. Yes you guess it right, an iPad. Now I only need to find another 800 ringgit from my dream machine. Boss, you have any 2nd hand iPad you wanna let go?:)