28 November 2010

This school holiday we've decided to let the kids spend some quality time with their grandparent back home in Tanah Merah. Although my home town is actually in Pasir Mas but we send them back just to Tanah Merah because there's nobody to look after them in Pasir Mas. My little sister has very little experience with children and my grandma would not have the energy left to tend to those kids.
In Tanah Merah however, they've got their aunts and other grandparent whose more than willing to look after them for the next few weeks or so. We took the train to Tanah Merah on Friday and return home by bus yesterday. My wife was already teary eyed and crying at the bus station, on the bus and also when she returns home to find our empty apartment. Duh, whose idea is it in the first place? I have the feelings the kids would be home really soon.