7 November 2010

Have you ever like known a person online for ages already but never really had the chance to meet him or her alive in the real world? Well, I did with Kak Tin until this morning. She sent out a distress signal for me to save her PC which is dying of blue screen of death. That's the first time I get to see her in person.

Kak Tin lives with her husband and 4 lovely children in an apartment in Petaling Utama. I only get to see Najihah & Fatihah today and the equally famous Mr Nahar who seemed to missing a lot. Anyway the problem with her PC, I suspect is all the dusts collecting inside the PC, blocking the air ventilation causing the motherboard or processor to overheat hence the blue screen. It might be also the out of date Kapersky antivirus which caused the bad pool header BSOD or maybe because some bad drivers that needs reinstalling or updating. I cleaned up all the dusts, deleted 8 viruses and 5 malwares using McAfee and removed all unnecessary programs from startup. Her Dell Inspiron PC now boots up in less than a minute and shutdowns in 15 seconds. That's something if you're using Windows Vista.

I hope her PC is okay now. If it still doesn't the final recourse would be to perform a clean install (format). If you have any problems with your PC or Mac, be it hardware or software just give me a call alright? I do these things sometimes after office hours and on weekends. You can contact me via Facebook or Twitter, anytime.