5 November 2010

To tell you the truth, I don't like Indian or Hindustan movies and songs very much. I find them predictable, stereotypical and downright boring. The last time I watched an entire Hindustan movie was Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham and that's only after my ex-girlfriend turned wife made me do it. I sat there for 3 fricking hours at GSC Mid Valley, it was pure torture.

But this song from the same-titled movie is different. 10 years ago I just got in college and stumbled into this exciting and wonderful new world. New environment, new friends and of course girls. At that time this movie was really-really popular that even I got hooked to it. I actually watched it more than twice. And the fact that I was in love, okay, more like syok sendiri for this girl at college made it even more special. Once my friends and I went to Sunway Pyramid and one of us bought a soundtrack from that movie and we would immediately play the cassette at one of the mini hi-fi on display at the departmental store. People watched and pointed at us, but we didn't care. Aah, those innocent and carefree years.

I would die in embarrassment if that were to happen today.Happy Diwali to Wan.