1 November 2010

Dear @adamfarihin. Do you remember the time when you was six years old and you complained why we never celebrate your birthday at school like everybody else? Well, your birthday falls on the 12th of December when the school is closed so that's why we didn't celebrate your birthday at school before.

But since this year is the last time you go to school at Tadika Cahayaku Seri Nilam, your mother decided to do something special for you. Although your birthday is still a month away, we've decided to have it early so that you can celebrate it with your friends. That's why yesterday she spent close to a hundred ringgit on cakes, crackers, sweets and goody bags for your little birthday party today. Bear in mind that a hundred ringgit in 2010 is a lot of money. She'd do almost anything to make you happy. Remember that.