18 January 2009

Today is the Wear-A-Gorilla-Suit Day where people all around the world don the gorilla suit to work, school or wherever to celebrate the big, beautiful primate. Today is also incidentally my colleague's Nadia birthday. Usually we don't give a hoot about anybody's birthday round here but since Nadia is cute and single and she has a few dozen BFFs (Best Friend Forever and Ever), they've decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her this afternoon.

Yes I am jealous because nobody threw me a party on my last birthday. I realise I'm not cute or single or likable. Well, at least I get to eat that delicious blueberry cheesecake and the super-yummy imaginary Domino's pizza that Bujal bought (yeah thanks a lot Bujal). When I was 24 I was already married so Nad, if Rahman hasn't brought you to meet his parent already then it's about time he does.