31 January 2009

We visited IOI Mall in Puchong today, the first time in 5 years I think. Last time we went there, Linda is still carrying Adam in her tummy and we went there to eat some pizza at Pizza Hut. Although IOI Mall has added a new wing and a whole lot more tenants, I still don't find them as classy or as desirable place to visit compare to say Alamanda or Mutiara Damansara. They have to hire a much better interior designer.

The main reason I even came her in the first place is to get something from this Daiso store here. Daiso is a store where they import stuff from Japan and sells everything for RM5.00. Whether it's a big China plate or a small pencil case, they're all 5 ringgit only. Yes the concept is nothing new but since everything is said to be from Japan, they've had a steady stream of customers since it's inception last year.

The funny thing is, all of the products sold there is actually made in China (you can check the labels). Whether the goods ever set foot in Japan or is imported directly from China is anybody's guess. Whatever it is, one thing you can learn from Daiso is, you can make a lot of money just by sticking some Japanese labels on stuff since people is going to think they're cool, imported things.

If you're looking for some unique, cheap birthday or wedding present then Daiso is the place to go. That said, you can always go to that cheap 2 ringgit store in a neighbourhood near you which sells the same made in China stuff. Your pick.