1 January 2010

1st January is just another day of the year. Forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm. But if you barely scrap through day in and day out and you don't look forward to your pay day anymore cause you know very well they won't be enough, you'll understand how I feel. Life sucks. There's nothing to look forward to in the new year.

That said, my new year resolution is try to make a little more money to make ends meet. Since I can't put much hope on a pay rise at work, I've got to look for other avenues for that. Being broke all the time does sucks. I hate that feeling.

Also, my other resolution is to grow my hair long again. Last year I got till 7 months before I had to shave them after I got chicken pox. So take a long hard look at this bald head. Because they won't be like that for long.

Happy New Year!