27 January 2010

My wife is really upset today after she found out her KPI result is the lowest in her department. Usually when anybody got a result as bad as this it's either he or she is really a real slacker OR it's because the supervisor or the boss has some issues with him/her. I believe my wife falls into the latter category. Rumours has it my wife got a really crappy KPI simply because her Boss doesn't like me. Apparently he is quite displeased with something that I wrote on my blog a long time ago (which I already removed) and he's taking it all on my wife.

Well if my wife did a really sucky job with her work and deservedly got a bad KPI, I'm cool with that. However I (and most of her colleagues) can testify that my wife always committed and gave her utmost dedication to her job and the real reason she got low marks for her works is simply because her boss doesn't like me. Talk about professionalism. Even more so when this result will affect her appraisal and future bonuses.

I can write a 10 page blog post dissing him here, telling the world all the horrible things he did to his staff but then I would be just as low as him. I believe God is fair and great and most compassionate to his servants and He has His reasons for everything that happened. If my wife had been unjustly punished or victimized here, I do believe He will mete out his sentence accordingly if not immediately here in this world, in the afterlife. Today might be your day at the top but always remember, the higher you are, the harder you'll fall.