10 January 2009

While waiting for Adam to be discharged from PMC today, I took that opportunity to visit Low Yat Plaza to buy some stuff for a friend. After finding the thing that I wanted, as always I walk around the place looking at the new gadgets and those lovely notebooks (that I can't afford) and when I finally reached the ground floor, I saw these tents set up near the lobby.
It was a Windows Mobile 6 road show thingy organized by Microsoft along with 3 other partners (Sony-Ericsson, HTC & Samsung). I don't usually waste my precious time visiting those roadshows but today, somehow I got roped into seeing all the stalls and they managed to convince me to attend this 40 minutes workshop on Windows Mobile 6. The only reason I let myself go through all that is because A) They promised to give me a sling bag if I attend the workshop and B) I get the chance to win a brand new Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1 PDA phone.

So after spending 40 minutes drooling over all the fantastic features of Windows Mobile 6, the workshop ended. Did I get a sling bag? Nope. And when they asked who'd like to join in the treasure hunt to win the Xperia, I magically put up my hand and joined the 9 others hopeful participants. We were divided into 2 groups and they sent us scurrying around Low Yat for clues. Being the unluckiest guy in the world as I am, my group lost the stupid treasure hunt. Well could have had better chance had not the stupid marshall (from the organizer) bugged and pestered us at every turn. He caused us to loose valuable seconds. There goes my brand new SE Xperia X1.

Some people seemed to have all the luck in the world. Maybe I'm just plain unlucky. The day I won something big would be the day it snows in KL.

Windows Mobile 6 is not that good anyway. My next phone will be Apple's Iphone 3G and it will run on Google's Android mwahahaha! (Windows, you sucks!).

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