2 January 2009

That's it. I cannot eat another KFC for the rest of the year.

You see for the past 2 months or so my sister in law Hafida lives in with us to take care of Adam and Mia during her semester break. Hafida or Kak Cik as she is popularly known as already has a boyfriend, a former school mate who joined the army some time back. I've seen that obnoxious video clip she made for him. It's quite disgusting, I'm sorry to say. Anyway despite calling this boyfriend Papa and stuff, Kak Cik still goes out with other guys/friends. Everytime she gets the chance to take a break from baby sitting our kids she would go out with them. I think all these while she's been out with at least 3 guys already.

Not that I have any problem with that. One guy in particular (let's name him Najip) went the extra mile to win her heart. Najip went to see her mother (my MIL) when she's about to depart on the bus, he bought Adam biscuits and sweets and yesterday he bought us a barrel of KFC containing about a dozen chickens or so. Of course he also brought Kak Cik sightseeing around KL, treat her at the movies, etcetera-etcetera. The problem is, Kak Cik doesn't really like this guy, at first. She wanted to stay loyal to her army guy (uwekk!). But now after Najip had been so nice to her (and her immediate family member) she's starting to have doubts. In fact yesterday she said she started to like this guy. Ah Girls, they always fall for the guy who brings them food. I know, I did that before :)

Not trying to be a busybody or anything, I say dump the soldier and get on with Najip! You have no future with that other guy. Besides, who knows Najip will bring me A&W or Wendy's next. His family's rich and he'll take a really good care for you. Trust me. And I'm not saying all that because of the free food. Honest!

p.s: Don't forget next time you guys date eh, go to A&W or Wendy's.

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