24 January 2009

Today I was supposed to help my friends in Puncak Alam. But since Linda had to work today and tomorrow and there's no one to take care of the kids, I was excused. Thank God.

Looking after sweet Mia was easy. Adam on the other hand requires a large amount of patience and self-restrain.

I was contemplating on going to try out Wendy's in IOI today but after much thought, I didn't. Previously I will always regret all my visit to any fast-food joint. I will regret spending my hard-earned money on those expensive food, I will regret eating those fattening food and today I will regret supplying the Zionist with ammunition to massacre our Palestinians brothers. 3 regrets is way too much to swallow. Instead I treated my family with a sumptuous diner at our regular place, Sri Mutiara of course (where else?). And just for a mere RM19:00 we had a delicious, complete wholesome meal.

My wife found a mysterious lip liner in our car today. I know she doesn't own any and so do I so I was quite at loss to explain that to her. I can make up stories like maybe Fasha Sanda dropped it when I gave her a lift last week but I think that's a bit far-fetched. So I just told her the truth, I have no idea how it got there. I'm just as perplexed as she is about the lip liner. Who could it belongs to? I remember the last time another woman took a ride into that car was Fatiha, our HR exec who followed Mr. Muzafar and I to look at some houses a few weeks ago. So anybody who lost an Avon Baby Pink Lip Liner please collect from me okay? And stop throwing stuff into my car again in the future.


  1. adusss...i can feel what linda felt, found something that meant for woman, but not belong to us..haih, positive..positive..mia punyer, mia punyer...hehehehe

  2. aik..belum 40 tahun dah tut tut ke?

  3. Tinie: I'm not at all worried about that lip liner. You can ask my friends how I am like outside (so baik and setia :))

    Rina: No idea what you're talking about.