31 January 2009

Today we head to Pantai Medical Center again for Adam's follow-up check up. First it was cool coming to that expensive hospital, using the exclusive amenities and stuff but now it's more like a chore, a real burden. Expensive parking (RM3.00),long waiting time and distance. Plus, we thought Adam is already as healthy as can be. I think the reason they kept telling us to come back is so that they can squeeze more money from the payee (i.e my wife's employee). So after today's visit, we thought that would be the last.

Before the check up, we stopped by Pantai Dalam to have lunch at this one place that serves this really delicious beef soup. As the norm with many good, under-hyped eating places, this one also has no name also. But if you know your way around Kerinchi/Pantai Dalam, there can only be one place. This one in front of the little police kiosk. We had beef (extra hot) and stomach soup (RM4.50 each) plus rice and 3 drinks totalling to RM14.80. And the soup has real 'kick' if you know what I mean. Great to have during cold rainy days and to clear you blocked sinus.


  1. sup dia mmg best ..apa kata same place next weekend.. :) pas tu singgah warung rindu.. ok tak? semuanya papa belanja.

  2. alang2 p pantai dalam..meh singgah umah fatihah meh..hehehe

  3. umahfatihah, kalau ikut npe senang jer, dari pantai dalam just after RM1.60 tol, heading to subang, ada sign bod pjs 1, amik exit tu..haa, sesenang singgahla...hp no ada ngan linda..