8 January 2009

Normally, I don't like taking unplanned leaves from work but today, I just have to. Linda stayed with Adam for the night while I took over in the morning. My mom took some time off from her very busy school schedule came to visit this morning.
Today the paediatrician came in and ran some checks on Adam. Dr. Eric Lee (the paed) said the infection is still minor but they'll have to hold Adam there for 5 days at least. Said he got some liquid in his lung. For someone who's supposed to be ill, Adam is quite cheerful today. Save for last evening when he cried when they prod that huge needle into his arm (for the IV drip), Adam is quite himself now. And he ate all the food the hospital served him. This morning he ate a bowl full of chicken porridge while for lunch he had breaded fish, fries, fruits and orange juice. Talking about the menu, they do serve good food here. Not only they want you to get well, they'd like you to get fat as well. That's how good the food is.

Linda came back later in the evening with my mom. I had to go home with Mia. It's back to work tomorrow. Lucky for us Linda gets 3 days compassionate leave. On Friday night all of us we'll be sleeping over at the hospital.

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  1. adam just wants a holiday retreat at the hospice la..u know la kids..

    or maybe he doesn't want to go to school, haha!