1 February 2009

My plan today was to stay awake all day and sleep early in the evening so that I'll be fresh and awake for midnight's all important game. If it wasn't Chelsea that we're playing I won't even consider sleeping that late. Wouldn't miss it for the world. So I spend most of the day doing a Lost season 4 marathon at home. 14 episodes back to back.

But by the time it's dark, I can not sleep. I just can't shut my eyes and sleep. So many things running in my mind. So in the end I got up and do other things until midnight. As always before any Liverpool game I will get my good luck kiss from my kids. I think there was only one time that I forgot to get my lucky kiss and Liverpool lost. The only time we lost in the league against Spurs. I am not usually superstitious but then it worked so far so there's no harm doing it right?

Although Liverpool dominated much of the match this morning, I thought we're going to get another dreadful draw towards the end of the game. That was until Fernando 'El Nino' Torres blasted that beautiful header into Chelsea's net 2 minutes from time. He added another one a minute latter to make it 2-0.

Red Bull energy drink to keep me awake: RM3.00

Gardenia bread to munch during half time: RM2.10

Astro satellite TV with sports channel subscription: RM55.00

Bragging rights and the chance to taunt Chelsea supporters at office: Priceless

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