23 February 2009

My car hates me. This morning I cannot start my car. I turned the ignition like a thousand times but it just refuses to start. After asking around a few people, it was confirmed that my battery was dead. It's been over 2 years since we bought that car anyway and we haven't changed the battery ever since so it's not really surprising that it had passed it's life time. Thankfully my colleague Bujal came to pick me up at home this morning. And in the afternoon Bro Din came by my house to jump start the car and we both drove to the spare part shop in Equine Park to replace the battery. I was RM160 poorer after replacing my old Century brand battery with one liquid-based, full maintenance cap ayam battery. It is times like this that I'm mighty glad that I have friends and colleagues that I can rely upon. What would I do without them. I'd like to thank Bujal, Sapuan and Bro Din for helping me out today. Good job everyone!

Moral of the story here: better to make a thousand friends than to make even a single enemy.

Later this evening I brought my family to KPJ Hospital in Kajang to get Adam and Mia treated. Mia is showing signs of eczema while Adam had been suffering that ever since he was small. On our first visit there we were referred by one of Linda's panel clinic. Today we just walked into the hospital for treatment. We waited for 2 hours before the doctor came in. A few minutes later we were another RM166 poorer. Apparently we had to pay for Mia's consultation fees and medications since it was her first visit there and she wasn't referred to by any panel nor did Linda brought any guarantee letter (GL) from her office. Thank God for credit cards.

So the other moral of the story here is don't just barge in any private hospital without confirming the rates or whether every one's covered or not. I do hope Linda can claim that.

If you noticed there's less and less post nowadays it is because I've put my life on hold. At least for this next few weeks. There's something big I'm about to endeavor and it's going to be life-changing, literally. Stay tuned.

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