11 February 2009

They call him Superman

At work apart from his official job as the procurement guy, he's also the technical support person, system admin, company driver, dispatch and also the delivery guy.

After work he went to pick up his two kids at their nursery and then stop by his regular eating place at Seri Mutiara. While holding his 11 months old baby in one arm, he feeds his 5 years old who occasionally goes astray to the mini mart next door. Next he goes home and feed his 11 months old and bathe both of them. Once in a while he'll do the dishes or the laundry or pick up the clothes from the washing line. Then he had to keep them occupied until his wife comes home, usually after 8:00 in the evening. Nevertheless he still has time to update his 3 blogs. Well at least one of them is up to date. By 11:00 PM he's ready to retire to bed since he needs to wake up before 6:00 the next morning.

A few days ago he damaged his knee ligament while running. Few people knows this but his been wearing a bandage under his pants for a while now.

Today Superman needs to rest.


  1. Eleh Superman, kerja lebih sikit dah bising. Aku lawan raksasa hari2 pun ok jer.

  2. Wahhhh!!! I'm speechless...layak award bapa & suami mithali both!

  3. why u look slimmer in that pic? hahaha! kurus kerana menjadi bapa mithali... good²

  4. Yea, really Nora?

    Naaah, you just teasing me.

  5. huhuhu....
    xlah....dia saje nak kecikkan badan sbb kena
    kutuk ngan beta..wahahahha

  6. ala ...cian kat superman nie. nak buat cam ner wife nya kena balik lmbt jer.

    p/s: utk bos(MR H):"bos.. sy kena balik 5.45, kat umah ada superman, cian dia kena jaga anak" he..he..

  7. ala superman ni baru jaga 2...superman saya kena jaga 4 tau!! and he also needs to do chores...syabas suami2 sekarang saling bantu membantu....

  8. nowadays husbands are not like zaman dulu punya..