26 February 2009

When we went to pick up our kids this evening we found out that Mia had a slight bruise on her right cheek. We didn't realize that Mia had that bruise until we got to the Seri Mutiara restaurant nearby.

When asked, her caretakers insists that Mia didn't fell or hit anything during their care. She was in her cot all the time. So we took Mia to see the doctor and the doctor said she's probably got bitten by an insect or something.

The next day, Mia's bruise is almost gone so it's probably an insect bite.

Lucky for everyone we didn't jump to conclusions.

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  1. gosh!! thank god bukan jatuh ke haper kan..n some more da doctor pun kata kena gigit by insect..fuh buat nyer doc kata mmg jatuh harusss terjah itu nursery balik..hehhehe..jgn nakal² mia...