16 February 2009

Somebody please sell us a house!

After Nora wrote about her brand new house in Puchong, my wife went into a house-buying frenzy. Almost every day she would search online for prospective houses to buy and she would calculate all the house loans at the bank's website. Yesterday we found a house for sale in Kinrara so in the evening we went there to see it. We were already dreaming and imagining how our potential new house would look like. But when we did got to the house, all our dreams and hope were dashed. Our possible future next door neighbour had set up a mini temple in his house and when we got there this evening, there was a ceremony of some sort going out. Bleh.

So far all of the house that we (Linda) liked is either too expensive or too far away. We're not looking for a big house or anything, just a regular single storey house with a little lawn in front. Something that's under my RM150K a month salary har har! I wonder how much Nora's house is. We really need to buy a house soon. Linda refuses to shower unless we buy a house first :)

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  1. I think kt tmn universiti indah ade umah below 150k...tp umah double stry