28 February 2009

If you're the same age like me, you'd probably grew up watching Knight Rider on TV too back in the 80s. I bet it was every boy's dream to own an intelligent, talking, car like that. And Hasselhoff, he was like the definition of cool back then.

Earlier this month, I saw the new Knight Rider series on TV. First impression: I was really impressed with the new Knight Rider car (a Ford Shelby GT 500 KR Mustang). Back then Kitt (the car) can do many things like shoot missiles and goes really fast. Today Kitt can do everything from changing into other cars, goes underwater, blast an EMP, create things out of thin air, change his own flat tyres, do the laundry, pay your bills and even cook dinner for you. Truly amazing what Kitt of today can do, so amazing it's nearly magical (or ridiculous). That car wouldn't be out of place in the next Harry Potter movie I tell you. Still I'll be glued to the TV when this show come on air.

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