8 February 2009

I stayed up late last night to watch the Portsmouth - Liverpool game. God I thought we're gonna actually lose that match when we were trailing 1 - 2 after 70 minutes. Then Kuyt scored the amazing equalizer before Torres scored the winner in injury time. Absolutely fabulous! And since the game didn't end before 3:30 AM, I didn't go to sleep until 4:00 in the morning. Imagine how sleepy I was the next day.

If I could say one thing nice about Sungai Chongkak... I can't. It's too crowded, parking was impossible to find, the gate keeper lady was rude and we had to walk miles inside to find a decent bathing spot. Give me Sungai Gabai anytime.

As I was walking out of Sungai Chongkak today I saw this girl without her bra on. Yeah you can clearly see the outline of her boobs and nipples under that singlet. And she's Malay alright. As liberal as some of us are, i don't think we're ready for such freedom yet. Now boobs and nipples are nothing strange to me but I should think the guys are having a good time watching. Of course I didn't take pictures you silly (my wife was just 5 feet away).

I think I got my cold back. Must be the cold stream water.


  1. Dulu thn 97 sg gabai antara tmpt yg best.nowadays x tau la.

  2. is that the girl in the pic who didn't wear her bra??????

  3. hahahaa...selamber je lar ambik pic tu...share kt sini :p