26 December 2009

Today is my colleague Ashraf's wedding with his fiancee Aishah. I didn't go to their first wedding ceremony in iPoh last week so I felt obliged to go to this one in downtown KL.

We got there around 3:30PM where the bride and groom were about to leave the venue. Still I managed to congratulate him and snap some pictures before they left. They looked so handsome and dashing in their blue wedding dress. Although it looked a lot like my baju raya this year, Ashraf didn't borrow them from me - for the record.

My wife thought the food catered at this wedding was marvelous. I'm just so hungry today so I finished a full plate.

Just a tiny bit of complaint though. Whoever drew the map to the wedding location is FAIL big time. Although the venue is located right smack in the middle of KL, I managed to get lost for almost an hour. Yes I saw 2 schools in the map but which school? I also saw 2 commuter stations there but what's their name? Which Tesco Extra is that? Whoever knows where the heck Sungai Mas Plaza and Crystal Crown Hotel are?

That said, I would like to congratulate Ashraf and Aishah for their wedding. May you guys live happily ever after. Take it easy tonight ya.