25 December 2009

I'm going to kill Bujal. He signed me up with this P48 Executive Plan with Celcom with the promise to include me in the company CUG thing but that never happened and now I'm left paying a really expensive carrier plan which I clearly don't need! I mean I only spend an average of 25 ringgit per month on calls and SMS so 50 bucks is waaay beyond my budget. And I didn't even get a free phone. Bleh.

Anyway back to the topic. When I got my latest phone bill last week, I was shocked to find out that I had to pay RM81.70 for data usage charges. WTF? I only accidentally use data once or twice the whole month and they charge me 81.70? Then I realised, my iPhone must have been sneakily downloading something behind my back. Damn iPhone.

So a few days ago I put up my iPhone for sale on the Internet and today the phone got a new owner. As much as I love my iPhone and its features, the truth is I can't afford to use it. Yeah it costs me RM81.70 to realize that. Besides, we needed the money to pay off the insurance and legal fees for our future home. So long iPhone. I will miss you.

And to replace the iPhone, I bought this cheap Nokia 5030 ExpressRadio phone today. It doesn't have camera, 3G, Wi-Fi or large 3" multi-touch screen but it does have FM radio with built in antenna, LED flashlight and it only costs me RM170. Yeah I know it's pretty low-tech but for now, this will do.