8 September 2010

In a fortunate series of event, the doctor at Putrajaya Hospital decided that my brother Faiz is now much better and he can after all, go back home to celebrate Raya. And although my Mom & Faiz is now without any means of transportation to go home with, lucky for them Izni's husband offered to give them a lift for Hari Raya today. So everything is fine and dandy now.

My Raya holiday starts today. We left KL around 7-ish and didn't arrive until about 11 and a half hours later in Pasir Mas. Traffic is quite smooth from KL up until Kuala Lipis since we took all the alternative routes. In Kuala Lipis and Kuala Krai however, we were stuck in up to 10 mile crawl at one time. Needless to say my poor legs are numb & sore with fatigue. But what matters is we got home safe and sound.