25 March 2010

Shit happens part 2. Just my luck. Like movies, my rotten luck also have sequels. Last month a motorcyclist crashed into my car. This afternoon when I returned to office from work, somebody told me my rear windscreen is broken. Just like that.

I'd like to believe that it broke by itself due to the hot weather and immense pressure from the inside. It is unlikely that somebody sabotaged my car due to the pattern of the crack. When I got there, the entire screen is already cracked and very brittle. If somebody threw a stone or something the impact pattern would have been quite different. That's my deduction anyway. Another theory would be this is what you get for buying our awesome local cars!

The bad news is, we didn't insure both the front or rear windscreen. The kicker is, my pay is not due until next week.

Looks like my windscreens are covered by insurance after all! Going to replace them tomorrow. Hope we don't have to pay first.