30 March 2010

Last night we ate a new eatery in Taman Puncak Jalil called Makan-Makan. We passed this place like every day of the week so we thought we'd give it a try.

Some of my friends have eaten at this place and they all said the food was okay. We felt like eating satay tonight so we ordered some. The waiter said sorry but no satay on the menu yet. Then I ordered an ABC drink but that also not available too. So in the end we ordered some plain old fried rice and nasi lemak with regular drinks.

Eateries, they have only one chance to make an impression to me. Screw up first time then I most likely won't visit that place again. Apart from the limited amount of menu, there's nothing special about Makan-Makan. Most of the food are priced an average of 5 ringgit a plate and 3 ringgit for the drinks. For some really ordinary tasting food, 5 ringgit is way too much. We can get a decent and real tasty meal at Kafe Ayamas for that price. So, we'll probably won't be coming back there again, any time soon. Sorry, you blew it.