16 June 2009

I don't usually say this to people but today I'll just have to make an exception. My landlord is an a**hole. A few weeks ago we received a letter from Syabas asking the owner of the house to change the water meter's ownership from the developer to the landlord failing which they will confiscate the water meter. It took my landlord one week to come here to pick up the letter and 2 weeks later he still hasn't change the ownership of the meter. So when we came home yesterday surprise-surprise, we found our water meter missing from the pipe.

I immediately called yelling and cursing at him, telling him what an idiot he is. Well actually no, I was too polite and well-mannered to do that to him. Instead I told him very sternly the trouble he caused us with his lacksidal attitude. He apologized and promised to take care of this matter first thing tomorrow which he did but he also said the people from Syabas might take a couple of days to fix the water meter back. WTF? Last night I had to perform a little tribal dance outside to start the rain and collect the water in some buckets to shower and cook. Don't tell me I'll have to wait until Friday to get the water supply back!

Lucky for me I've got a friend working at Syabas* so I called him and after he pulled some strings there, we got our water meter back later this afternoon. Dude, we are so moving out of this house next month.

*Thanks a lot Jali, I owe you one!