10 June 2009

I love my staple remover. You have no idea how hard it is sometimes to carefully remove used staples from paper without tearing them up.

I love my Faber-Castell True Gel pen. It writes smoothly without smudge and I love the super-fine tip.

I love my standard USB HP keyboard. HP just makes the best keyboard around. I love the tactile response that every stroke gives and I love it sturdy build and design.

I love my new Kingston 4GB Data Traveler thumb drive. I just love the new aluminium swivel design.

I still love my old Sony Walkman. I use it everytime I jog in the morning and it keeps me company when I'm bored. It's no iPod but hey, at least it got FM radio.

I like my Power running shoes. Although it's over a year old it still doesn't wear and look that old. And for RM75.00 it's truly worth it.

I used to love it but I don't like my Nokia E61i phone anymore. It's bulky and heavy and the phone's response is rather slow. That's why..

I'd love to have this brand new iPhone 3GS! I want! I want! I want! I want!
It's my dream phone but sadly it's not here yet and I probably have to break the bank to own it. Sigh.