30 June 2009

Earlier this afternoon I received a surprise call from somebody from Google in the U.S. The lady was trying to promote the Adwords program to me which I signed up earlier this week but I didn't finish signing up because it required me paying for the registration fee first before I can get the 100 ringgit free Adwords credit. When I pick up the phone she said "can I speak to Mohd Afif Mohd Rais please?" and she spelled Mohd as in 'Mod' since she had no idea it was actually Mohamed, and that sucks. It's time like this that I wished my Dad had spelled my name properly (like Mohamad or something) so that some time in the future a nice, sweet lady from Palo Alto would not spelled it incorrectly har har.

Anyway I didn't buy her sales pitch, not because she spelled my name wrong but because I don't have any use for Google's Adword for my blog or website for now. Besides, I don't have any serious product to sell right now. In the future maybe, but for now, I'll pass. I forgot her name, was it Sherry or Mary? Whatever.