12 June 2009

Today we went to the tailor's to cut our baju Melayu dress for the upcoming Hari Raya. Yes I know, Raya is like 2 month away but it's never to early to do these things. Come Puasa, some of these tailors might not even accept new orders because they are fully booked.

We surveyed a few tailors from Sentul to Serdang before deciding to cut our dress at Aden Tailoring right here in Serdang. They offer a real affordable price, RM80.00 for adults and RM65.00 for kids about Adam's age (5 years old). Of course we already bought our own fabric from Nilai 3 before. Some tailors ask from RM90.00 to RM100.00 for both adults and kids which are clearly cutthroat prices. Visit Aden's Tailor at No 37G, Jalan 18/34 Serdang (in front of Padang) or call 019-3591617.