7 June 2009

Today is my colleague's Syamsurizal's wedding. Coincidentally the wedding is in Ampang albeit slightly further away. Unlike yesterday, I didn't get lost today because I used Google Maps on my phone.

We arrived just when the bride and the groom is finished sitting on the wedding dais. I didn't get to see my Syam much because he was too busy changing clothes.

A lot of my colleagues from the office was here.

Including former colleagues like Zakiah Hanum here who is as thin as stick ever.

We had to leave early because we can't stand to listen to this crazy lady singing. Where did she came from? I didn't see any mental hospital nearby. And why did they have to turn up the speaker's volume so freaking loud? I said it before and I'll say it again, karaokes ought to be banned from all future weddings. It's really annoying and it's not our culture.

Anyway congratulations to my friend Syam on his wedding.