14 June 2009

Instead of spending your weekend for the usual shopping and eating, why not take your family to a park nearby for a little round of exercise? That's what we did this morning. Usually we went to Bukit Jalil park so that Adam and Mia can play at the numerous playgrounds there. This time we don our tracksuits and running shoes for a little bit of work out.

Since we brought the kids, of course we had to take turns to jog. To our surprise, this Bukit Jalil park is really HUGE! They've got miles and miles of running track and if you ran through the entire trail you may have completed a mini-marathon.

Compared to jogging around my neighbourhood, going around this park is so much better because the green surrounding and fresh air. Remember to bring a bottle of water or two to drink and if you brought along breakfast, you can have them at any of the many benches and tables around the park. A fresh change for my weekly routine, definitely.