18 June 2009

Yesterday evening while I was lounging with my family at home, my Mom suddenly called asking for help with her printer. Apparently she got paper stuck in there so I told her to just remove it. Then she said the paper is gone but she still can't print her extremely urgent, must finish now school work. So I had no choice but to travel some 24 kilometers (to and back) to her place and fix what's wrong with her printer.

I got there, click on printer properties and cancelled all the print queue that was stuck after the paper jam and that's it. After everything that she'd done for me, how could I complain?

It looks like everybody's leaving Taman Universiti. First my neighbour across the street to left moved away to their new house. Then another neighbour 2 doors away to my right left. And some time last week my dear next door neighbour (you know the single girl with the Myvi) packed her bags and left too. As much as I'd like to take credit, it wasn't because of me ha ha! Now who's going to water all the plants she left behind? Poor thing.