2 June 2009

First things first, this is not the sequel to Monsters Inc, it's a whole new movie that got nothing to do with the former. Monster vs Aliens tells of a story about Susan (voiced by Reese Whitherspoon) who was hit by a meteorite on her wedding day and transformed into this huge giant so the government lock her up in a secret facilities for monsters. Hmm sounds like a typical episode in Smallville minus the cheesy love triangles. In the facility Susan made friends with other monsters, which surprisingly there only 4 of them namely B.O.B, Dr. Cockroach, The Missing Link and Insectosaurus.

While the older inmates were resigned with the fact that they will never get out, Susan felt incredibly isolated and wishes to return to her old life. To cut the story short, one day the evil alien Gallaxhar came to earth and tries to invade it so the government sent these monsters to fight him and they won and everybody lived happily ever after.

Like Monsters Inc, I actually liked Monsters vs Aliens. The story line is simple and straight forward, there's a few funny punch lines here and there and the characters were simply adorable. I foresee a profitable merchandising franchise with this movie. In fact they've already got the Monsters vs Aliens action figures with every Happy Meal at McDonald's. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I'd definitely recommend this movie to everyone. Adam however didn't find this movie interesting enough to watch and prefer to see Tom Tom Bak instead. Dude, I'm so not taking you to the movies anytime soon.