19 June 2009

I just realised that I don't have any passport-sized photos for my registration tomorrow on Sunday. It's been ages since I needed to register for anything. So I went down to Serdang today to have my picture taken. There was to photo studio to choose from when I got there and somehow I chose YS Foto Studio on my right.

Which proved to be a mistake. The shop stinks, literally. When I went inside to the studio, I can smell a foul odour emitting from inside. I suspect it came from the toilet and I can smell it everywhere inside the shop. And just my luck, the photographer took his own sweet time to snap my picture.

After the photo shoot, he took another 15 minutes to process and Photoshop my picture, you know to remove eye bags, bleak heads and touch up here and there. He used an old but still cool-looking Mac computer and some fancy tablet pen thingy. I've got to get my hand on that graphic tablet someday. Fortunately my suffering ended once he printed my pictures, 4 copies for RM13.00. So ladies and gentlemen, you might want to try the other photo studio when you come to Serdang.