22 April 2010

After 6 years working commuting to PJ and KL, my wife today begins her work at a branch much nearer to home in Serdang Perdana. I thought this day would never happen but it did! So now I can gave her a lift to work and pick her up later in the evening. Not to mention we will save about 200 ringgit in transportation cost, cut 45 minutes from our morning rush hour, fetch the kids earlier, go home and cook, make more babies and live happily every after. Still although her new office is only 7 kilometers from home, we still have to leave early send the kids and to avoid traffic in main road Seri Kembangan.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank her previous boss for approving making this happen. I take back everything bad that I said about him and I would like to apologize if I did or said anything mean or hurtful about you. People, they are full of surprises.

After her first day at the new place, Linda reported that her new boss was most pleasant and her colleagues was really nice. Okay now is the time to start anew and fresh babe and show them what you can do. Yes Sales is a new field for you, but I always believe you can do anything. Oh, anyone who would like to apply for a car loan can contact me or my wife ok?