21 April 2010

Examination time is here. As always, I spent the last couple of days revising. Didn't even have the time to update my blog or do anything online. Every time I opened my browser, I immediately thought what am I doing? I should be studying instead, like right now. Even both my elbows is hurt for sitting at this table for too long.

Islamic civilization and thoughts should not be that difficult of subject to score. That was what I thought initially. But then the lecturer didn't gave us any spot questions or any hints which topic to study so basically we have to read everything, all 5 chapters. So come exam time I was already stumped at the first question. Some of the were easy and clear cut but the rest was somewhat confusing. The essay questions were quite challenging to say the least. 2 hours is definitely not enough to answer all 4 questions. I thought I can nail this paper. After 2 hours I was more like a red-blue blur.

But that is behind me now. 1 down, 3 more to go.