26 June 2011

This weekend we decided to take a short trip up north to Seri Manjung to visit our in laws. Linda's parent was also visiting there so we thought we'd joined them for a little family get together. Apart from that, this also happens to be that time in my life that you just cannot say no to your wife.

Okay I'm just kidding with that last sentence :)

Anyway, as always we took the chance to visit Teluk Batik beach nearby. This was Mia's first encounter with the sea I think. So far I think she likes it a lot. The beach near Teluk Batik can be very steep at some point so you better be careful just in case, especially with children. Never leave them unattended. I had fun. Been wanting to come to the beach for some time now. Today only I got the chance.

Being so close to the sea and surrounded by hills, Manjung is one very hot town. I mean literally. Here air conditioners are more of a necessity than a luxury. That probably explain why I spent most of my time here sleeping in their air-conditioned rooms all day. Well, when you get older, most of your precious little free time is filled with this one favorite past time - sleeping. Or maybe I'm just tired from all the driving.