28 June 2011

Today was supposed to be just another regular day at work where I started the day by sending my son to his school at Taman Desaminium. However Adam Farihin, 7 years old decided that today he would like to jam his thumb at the car's door. After that we spend half the day visiting clinics & the hospital to fix his finger.

At first I thought it was just a little thump at the car door but when Adam couldn't stop wailing, I quickly brought him to see a doctor at my panel clinic nearby. The doctor (who was fashionably late by the way) suggested that Adam probably broke his thumb and advised that we go to a hospital. However since I dont have any insurance coverage anymore, I had to rush home to pick up my wife and kids and go to her panel clinic in Serdang to get her doctor's letter of recommendation before finally going to a hospital in Kajang. Adam was still crying on top of his lung for most of that time.

To cut the story short, Adam had his finger scanned and the x-ray showed no bones were broken from the accident this morning. Lucky for us my wife's company had it all covered. I shudder to think should anything bad happens to me. Maybe I should consider buying my own personal insurance. Right.