23 January 2012

We're back in Tanah Merah again this time for my sister in law's engagement. Her previous two sisters didn't have any engagements before, they just get married right away so this one is kind of special.

Despite having second thoughts about the engagement and the whole wedding in general, my sister in law here finally decided to go along with it. You just don't play around with this sort of thing you know. Engagements, weddings and marriage is a sacred thing in our religion & culture and if you are not sure and have doubts about it you should just pull the plug from the start. If you do it later, after everybody have worked their ass off to make it happen it would be rude and unkind of you. Furthermore is a matter of honour and pride for both yours and theirs parent & family.

Thankfully everything is settled now. She's engaged and hopefully get married some time next year. Just remember, most marriage is for eternity. If you're having second thoughts, now is the time to do it. Not that I'm implying you do anything.

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