24 January 2012

What does my future brother in law and I have in common? We both don't talk much. Plus when we were about to get married we had crappy jobs that barely could make ends meet. Wait, let me rephrase that, actually I was jobless when I got married 8 years ago. I stopped working part time at McDonald's to concentrate on my studies but that didn't end well.

Anyway, one of the main reason my wife's sister had misgivings about him is because of that. He just doesn't talk much and not very friendly with people. Just like me. It's not that he's a snob or anti-social or anything. He's just shy perhaps. Just like me. But look how I turned out to be now. Look how our marriage went. 8 years is quite an achievement I must say.

My point is, it's perfectly okay if you're broke with a not very glamorous job that doesn't pay much. As long as you work hard and try your best with your job, sooner or later people, especially your boss or future employers will notice and you will climb that career ladder. That won't happen in a day but it will happen surely. Some parents will have sleepless nights if their daughter is about to marry someone like him or me back then. Will not all would work out alright, I'd say give him a chance. See how he carries himself at work. If he loves to hang around doing nothing then he's no good. Else he'd have the potential to get better in life and work and live happily ever after with your precious daughter and give you many lovely grandchildren (like me).

Don't judge a man by his career. People can change, usually for the better.

Anyway my company was so kind they gave me the whole week off. So I basically don't have to work until next Monday. So here I am doing pretty much nothing except sleeping, watching movies and playing games all day long. 8 years later I am still yet to hang outside the house chit chatting with the neighbours on our little wakaf. I am still that shy person you know 8 years ago. Plus I'd like to keep that Laziest Son in Law in Kampong Sat title that I won many years ago. It's a very prestigious award and not just anybody can win it.

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