20 April 2013

20 April 2013 marks the nomination day for Malaysia's 13th general election. Since the parliament was dissolved over 3 weeks ago, Malaysian was eager to know who will be representing their respective parties or themselves in the "mother of all elections". Yesterday there was drama when the Registrar of Society sent a letter to DAP not recognizing their Central Executive Committee (CEC) just 48 hours before nomination day. DAP was about to contest under PAS & PKR's flags for this GE today but fortunately, ROS came to their senses (or was they taken aback by the backlash?) and wrote an eleventh hour letter allowing DAP to contest under their iconic rocket logo.

Nomination day passed with the regular fanfare and excitement. The ugly thing however was that when there was a 3-cornered fight between BN-PKR-PAS in 7 state seats and one parliament seat at the end of nomination today, something that shouldn't have happened at the first place. Hopefully this is just a miscommunication and Pakatan Rakyat will sort out this comedy of error very soon. If not, they might as well declare BN as the winner for those seats.

I can't wait for election day on May 5th. 15 days of campaigning is way too long. Who knows what shit might happen between now and election day.

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