9 May 2013

4 months ago I bought a second hand bike to use for work. In January after getting a new job in KL, I drove my car to work every morning at first. It was horrible. I had to wake up before 6 and if I leave any later than 6:15 am I would almost certainly be late for work at 7:30. That's KL morning rush for you. So I thought getting myself a bike and riding it to work would be the wiser choice. That's when I bought a second hand Modenas bike from the Double H bikers shop in Serdang for RM2,400. For a second hand bike, it's rather pricey but that's the best deal I can get for 3 months installment. Sure I can always get a new bike but I dont really wanna add another item on my already long list of loans and monthtly bills.

They gave me a month warranty for the bike. The first week I had to send the bike back for repair twice because the engine always cuts off when idle on the road. They did something with the carburetor and it was fine for another month. By April however when I already made the full payment for the bike, I started to feel something wrong with it. Starting it in the morning or later in the afternoon was a pain in the ass, literally. I had to kick start it about 30 times before I can get it to start. And when I'm on the road, the bike runs so slow I have seen bicycles overtook me on the highway.

When I took the bike back to the shop where I bought it they said my choke is missing and my engine needs a major overhaul which would cause me about RM950 plus. I left the shop with a few profanities and a vow to tell everyone not to go near Double H Bikers in Sri Serdang ever. If you frequent that area, you will notice the corner lot shop with big red and white Honda paint. Don't go in there unless you wanna get ripped off.

Long story short, I had to get my bike fixed somehow because the alternative is to drive my car to KL everyday. So I sent it to a workshop in Equine Park which still costs me a dear RM800 but with less pain, heartache and a peace of mind. So my second hand bike now costs me RM3,200 from thr original RM2,400 which sucks but still ok compared to a new bucks costing 5,000 and above and one or two years monthly installments. It is not so uncommon for bikes to break down especially used ones. Some might be lucky not to have any problems with their second hand bike, many others like me were not so fortunate. That's life. Suck it and move on.

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