17 June 2013

As I said in detail in my other blog, high-speed fiber optic Internet is the best thing since chicken tom yam that has happened to me. I get to watch whatever movie or TV series that I want. I get to download the latest games and apps and most importantly I don't have to worry about bandwidth or expiry dates. Although our my Internet connection is still at lowly 5MBPS and rather expensive compared to developed countries like Korea or Japan, it's still the reliable and fast compared to all my previous Internet providers.

With fast Internet service like Unifi also, I get to watch all my favorite TV shows whether local or international. Like this current hit TV show that I'm following religiously right now - Cinta jangan pergi starring Tiz Zaqyah & Remy Ishak. Yeah I know it's cheesy and predictable but I love it anyway. And despite missing all the earlier episodes, I still get to watch them today thanks to Mr Google and a few friendly-neighborhood TV capture guys. I can even watch it anytime on YouTube.

First I found out I can watch streaming football, now this. Who needs Astro anymore?

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