8 November 2013

Last year during his final year exam, my number 1 got 16th place in class, down 13 spots from the previous year when he got 3rd place. That's why this year we didn't have much expectation for Adam Farihin this time around. Plus the fact that he likes to play game on his computer a lot instead of studying a few weeks before the exam. We literally had to lecture/threat every time before he started reading some books or doing exercises. So when I promised him to buy for him his dream console (a Sony PSP) if he gets top 3 in class, I'd half expected him to not get it. Not that I don't have much faith in him. It's just that from 16th to top 3 is quite a feat, considering his attitude towards studying.

So you can imagine our surprise today during report card day when his class teacher told us he got the highest percentage in class and also the entire year 3. Primary schools these don't grade their students from number 1,2,3 and so on but only in percentage from 100% downwards. Adam got 90.25%. Needless to say me and the rest of our family members are delighted with his achievement. I do hope this is not a flux and he'll continue to do well in the future. Congratulations Adam Farihin. That's my boy!

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