15 March 2014

One week later after the disappearance of flight MH370, we are nowhere near finding the ill-fated plane. However there were some interesting new development today. The Malaysian prime minister announced in a press conference earlier today that the plane was purposely deviated from it's flight path and the transponders turned off manually. Which could only suggest one thing: the plane was hijacked either buy one or both the pilots or plane crew or any of the passengers. As of now we have no idea who that person or group of people could be responsible for the hijacking. Since after making the announcement, Mr Najib Razak didn't stay for any Q&A with the reporters (that's why we call him Bapa Pengumuman). Now they have stopped the search and rescue operation in the south china sea and refocused on the corridor between bay of Bengal up to Kazakhstan in the north. I suspect the government knew about this all along but choose to keep it secret until they are really truly sure and corroborated the theory with international authorities.

If the hijacking theory is true, then there might still be hope for the passengers and crews. Or they could have crashed somewhere and yet to be found. If it was indeed hijacked, then the perpetrator didn't make any effort to demand any ransom to anyone up until now. Anyway I hope there's new and positive development in the next few days.

The weather has been extra hot lately. So hot that water levels in reservoirs around the country has depleted and many areas in Selangor had to go through rationing. My home sweet home in Taman Puncak Jalil had been spared the horror for now but I fear that if the drought continues. The hot climate had also cause a lot of forest and bush fires around the state which had resulted in this terrible haze. Not to mention the neighboring Sumatra island also experienced the same fate making things even worse here. This morning I woke up with a strong and acrid smell of smoke in the air. Yet the school where I work chose to remain open when they closed for lesser haze last year. Yeah I was hoping to have an early weekend today :-P

Joking aside, I hope the haze will go away soon. They can't do any cloud-seeding operations lately because apparently all our resources (planes) were used to find the missing plane. I mean seriously? This awful haze is just as serious and bad for the country don't you think? Surely a day of two of cloud-seeding won't make a difference?

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