24 June 2014

Have I told you the time when I lost 3 of the tires from my Proton Savvy? I didn't? Well some crook stole all 3 of the tires of my car which was parked outside my apartment by the roadside. The car had been parked there for some time since the battery's dead and the crook must have noticed it as well. It could have been all four if not for one of the tires uses a different kind of nuts. We had to fork out some 800 ringgit to get new tires and rims to replace all four. Yes we could change just 3 but they would be unbalanced.

The moral of this story is, don't let your car parked outside at the same place for too long. There's evil people out there in the world and they're just waiting for the opportunity to do evil stuff. I guess it was partly my fault for letting the car parked there for so long. I blame it on the Century battery which died 5 months after purchase. Lucky for us the battery is still under warranty so we could just exchange it for free. Still it's no excuse for some crook to just steal all our tires. Damn you crook.

As a result of this unfortunate incident, we decided to park the car at my sister in law's place in Bentong and even let them use it. I rarely drive the car anyway and rather let the car sit idle at least my in laws could drive it sometimes.

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